Tim Sawatzsky

Tim Sawatzsky approached Solar Manitoba in the fall of 2016 after hearing a CBC interview with Vice President Alex Stuart. Tim was acutely aware of the financial impact of rising Hydro rates on his home, and believed Solar energy was the best way to bring his energy costs down. Tim lives in a rural bungalow with his wife and two sons in Macgregor approximately 125km west of Winnipeg.


Technical Specifications

System size DC: 20.8kW

System Size AC: 19.9kW

Panels: 80 x 260W MonoCrystaline

Type of racking: Fastrack with custom base

Inverters: 2 x Fronius Primo 10.0kW

Distance: 46M (150ft)

Upgrades: 400amp service


Project Highlights

When this system was commissioned in January 2017 it became the largest solar photovoltaic system installed under the Manitoba Hydro Solar rebate program. Since this system was the largest installation, requiring an upgrade to the customer’s electrical service, Manitoba Hydro was very specific on how they wanted this system connected to the grid, and how the connectors needed to be guarded. Roof mounted systems do not require guarding since they are protected from accidental contact by elevation, but ground mounted systems require additional protections to prevent wildlife or people from coming into contact with hazardous energy. We’ve been told unofficially, and are proud to say, this system is Manitoba Hydro’s template for future installations.


This project in the news!

Manitoba farmer goes solar to power entire home.

Chris D. February 12 2017

Record solar powered system at MacGregor farm.

Portage Daily Graphic February 2017



“I’d like to say to all the agricultural producers out there; it is working better than I had anticipated. I am producing more power than I am using, and that is in February. I would like to thank Solar Manitoba: they have been a great company to work with, they did all the paperwork, all permitting. I encourage anyone who is interested to give Justin Phillips at Solar Manitoba a call and they will come out and help you with your system.”

Tim Sawatzky