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Sunshine and sustainability in River Park South

September 6th 2016

Winnipeg Free Press – Jennifer McFee

Courtney Schappert is looking at the sunny side of life after installing solar panels on his home in River Park South.

Manitoba Hydro offers solar energy incentive program

Arpil 22nd 2016

CBC News

The provincial power utility has launched the Power Smart Solar Energy Program, which allows home and business owners to generate their own electricity with solar panels and sell excess energy back to Manitoba Hydro.

Dozens of Manitobans applying for solar energy program


Global News – Sean Leslie

Since Manitoba Hydro launched the Power Smart Solar Energy Program in April, they have received 53 applications for new solar energy systems.

Record solar powered system at MacGregor farm

February 2017

Portage Daily Graphic

MacGregor farmer powering home with record solar system

Manitoba Farmer Goes Solar to Power Entire Home

February 2017

ChrisD Winnipeg News

Eco-friendly Winnipeg building puts energy back on the grid

October 2014

Global News – Tailia Ricci

Paddling up the solar-power river

November 2014

Winnipeg Free Press – Martin Cash

Association becoming a leader in use of alternative energy.

Manitoba Paddling Association’s club goes solar

October 2014

Global Morning News Video

The Manitoba Paddling Association’s building is the first in Manitoba to contribute power back to the power grid. Alex Stuart of Sycamore Energy and paddler Jerome Seremak talk about their solar power.

Manitoba Paddling Association has province’s largest solar panels

October 2014

Winnipeg Metro

Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce – Bold Radio October 31, 2015

October 2015

Bold Radio

Listen to Vice President Alex Stuart discuss the energy future with Dr. Hank Venema of the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

Sustainability principles and technology – Red River College July 25, 2015

July 2015

Red River College

Discussions with Vice President Alex Stuart, and Sue Hayduk the sustainability coordinator at Red River College.

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