Lower Energy Bills!

Lower Energy Bills!

How can we help you?

Take advantage of Manitoba Hydro’s rebate program!

Take advantage of Manitoba Hydro’s rebate program!


Long Term Energy Savings

Solar Energy is actually less expensive than your current grid prices.

Protect Against Rate Increases

Manitoba Hydro is predicting rates are going to climb every year.

Energy Freedom

Installing solar gives you an incredible feeling of freedom and independence.


Manitoba’s Leading Installer

Solar Manitoba has installed more than half of all the projects under the rebate program.

Local company, Local Workers, Local Economy

Solar Manitoba always partners with local tradespeople.

Well Established

With over 10 years of experience you can trust our expertise.

“The system has performed to what we were promised and we are very satisfied with the system and with Solar Manitoba. Justin and his team made the whole process very easy for us. They dealt with the utility company and all inspections. The Solar Manitoba team was professional and did excellent work on the installation. We recommend Solar Manitoba to anyone considering solar power for their home or business.”

Tim & Anna (3.85kW)

“My wife and I found Solar Manitoba management and staff as passionate about solar energy as we are. They were customer focused on assisting us with the permitting applications and then provided us with a professionally planned, designed, and installed system that is exceeding our expectations. As such we are pleased to promote Solar Manitoba to others that are interested in solar energy applications.”

Robert (9.9kW)

“Every aspect of our roof-mounted solar panel system installation was completed perfectly, from the initial sales meeting, competitive pricing, diligent installation crew, and post-installation customer service.”

Jerome (14.5kW)

“Out of the three companies I contacted in Manitoba, Solar Manitoba was able to evaluate my roof surface and what was economically feasible that would insure my best return on investment.”

Tyson (7.425kW)

“All in all, I can’t recommend Solar Manitoba strongly enough.  If they can handle my installation with quality and success, the first installation completed under the new solar power incentive program, then they can certainly handle anyone else’s with ease!”

Courtney (8.25kW)

We became Manitoba’s leading solar panel installer by always standing by our work, long after the panels are on your roof, and you’ve flipped the switch.

We became Manitoba’s leading solar panel installer by always standing by our work, long after the panels are on your roof, and you’ve flipped the switch.

MacGregor – 20kW
Winnipeg – 8.8kW
Portage La Prairie – 3.4kW
Brandon – 5.5kW
Sprague – 5.5kW
St. Anne – 5.5kW
Richer – 7.25kW
Winnipeg – 7.5kW
Shellmouth – 9.9kW
St. Andrews – 6.3kW
Beausejour – 9.9kW
MacGregor – 3.85kW
Winnipeg – 8.25kW
Selkirk – 7kW
Winnipeg – 7.25kW
Jamaica – 20kW
Jamaica – 10kW
Bermuda – 6kW
Winnipeg – 7.125kW
Winnipeg – 9.69kW
LaBroquerie – 8.25kW